Laser Sentinel Safety Laser Scanner

The Laser Sentinel family will provide a complete application-oriented solution based on the safe monitoring of a two dimensional area including all functions needed for static horizontal and vertical applications (such as robot cells, machine perimeter protection, machine opening protections, etc.) as well as dynamic applications (automated guided vehicles, automated guided carts and forklifts) in a compact device with high level detection performances
Standard factory warranty is three years.

Please note that items in this catalog may not be available in all regions of the world. To verify availability of any particular item listed, please check with your local Datalogic Representative or sales office.

Description Part Number
SLS-M3-0812-E Short range 8/12p Enhanced 958001020
SLS-M3-1708-E Short range 17/8p Enhanced 958001010
SLS-M5-0812-E Long range 8/12p Enhanced 958001110
SLS-M5-1708-E Long range 17/8p Enhanced 958001030
SLS-M5-E-1708-E Long range Encoder 17/8p Enhanced 958001050
SLS-R3-E Remote short range Enhanced 958001060
SLS-R5-E Remote long range Enhanced 958001120
SLS-SA3-08 Standalone short range 6 zone sets 958001080
SLS-SA5-08 Standalone long range 6 zone sets 958001090

Description Part Number
CAB-ETH-M01 M12-IP67 ETHERNET CAB. (1M) 93A051346
CAB-ETH-M03 M12-IP67 ETHERNET CAB. (3M) 93A051347
CAB-ETH-M05 M12-IP67 ETHERNET CABLE (5M) 93A051348
Cable, Ethernet, CAB-ETH-M10 M12-IP67 to RJ45, 10m 93A051391
CS-A1-06-U-03 M12 8-p axial 3m UL 2464 95ASE1220
CS-A1-06-U-05 M12 8-p axial 5m UL 2464 95ASE1230
CS-A1-06-U-10 M12 8-p axial 10m UL 2464 95ASE1240
CS-A1-06-U-15 M12 8-p axial 15m UL 2464 95ASE1250
CS-A1-06-U-25 M12 8-p axial 25m UL 2464 95ASE1260
CS-A1-10-U-03 M12 12-p axial 3m 95A252720
CS-A1-10-U-05 M12 12-p axial 5m 95A252730
CS-A1-10-U-10 M12 12-p axial 10m 95A252740
CS-A1-10-U-15 M12 12-p axial 15m 95A252750
CS-A1-10-U-25 M12 12-p axial 25m 95A252760
CS-A1-15-U-03 Cable 17-p axial 3 m 95ASE3010
CS-A1-15-U-05 Cable 17-p axial 5 m 95ASE3020
CS-A1-15-U-10 Cable 17-p axial 10 m 95ASE3030
CS-A1-15-U-15 Cable 17-p axial 15 m 95ASE3040
CS-A1-15-U-25 Cable 17-p axial 25 m 95ASE3050
SLS-CABLE-R-10 Ethernet Cbl to Remote10m 95ASE2900
SLS-CABLE-R-20 Ethernet Cbl to Remote20m 95ASE2910
SLS-CABLE-R-5 Ethernet Cbl to Remote 5m 95ASE2890

Description Part Number
SLS-CLEANER Window Detergent 95ASE2990
SLS-CLOTH Window Cleaning Cloth 95ASE3000
SLS-MG-0812 Memory grp W 08/12P M12 CONN 95ASE2960
SLS-MG-1708 Memory grp W 17/08P M12 CONN 95ASE2950
SLS-WINDOW Replacement Window 95ASE2971

Description Part Number
SLS-BRACKET-A Complete Bracket System 95ASE2920
SLS-BRACKET-B Pitch Regulation Bracket System 95ASE2930
SLS-BRACKET-C Head Protective Bracket 95ASE2940