Matrix 300N High Performance Compact Industrial 2D Imager

The Matrix 300N™ is a ultra-compact image based bar code reader designed for performance on high speed and Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications. The Matrix 300N™ is powered by the new software DL.CODE, offering maximum customer ease of use. The Matrix 300™ combines a high resolution sensor with ultra-fast image acquisition: 1.3 megapixels, 60 frames per second.Matrix 300N™ features a large variety of optical models, with manual focus position control or electronical.
Standard factory warranty is 2 years.

Please note that items in this catalog may not be available in all regions of the world. To verify availability of any particular item listed, please check with your local Datalogic Representative or sales office.

Description Part Number
MATRIX 300N 411-010 LNS-6 RED WIDE STD 937600070
MATRIX 300N 411-011 LNS-6 RED WIDE ESD 937600072
MATRIX 300N 411-012 LNS-6 RED WIDE ESYF 937600074
MATRIX 300N 412-010 LQL-9 RED WIDE STD 937600050
MATRIX 300N 412-011 LQL-9 RED WIDE ESD 937600054
MATRIX 300N 412-012 LQL-9 RED WIDE ESYF 937600058
MATRIX 300N 412-014 LQL-9 RED WD ESD+PLZ 937600101
MATRIX 300N 412-015 LQL-9 RED WD STD+PLZ 937600103
MATRIX 300N 412-040 LQL-9 RED WIDE POE 937600062
MATRIX 300N 413-015 LNS-9 RED WD STD+PLZ 937600105
MATRIX 300N 423-010 LNS-9 RED MED STD 937600084
MATRIX 300N 423-040 LNS-9 RED MED POE 937600086
MATRIX 300N 434-010 LNS-12 RED NARR STD 937600088
MATRIX 300N 434-040 LNS-12 RED NARR POE 937600090
MATRIX 300N 435-010 LNS-16 RED NARR STD 937600080
MATRIX 300N 435-040 LNS-16 RED NARR POE 937600082
MATRIX 300N 452-010 LQL-9 WHT WIDE STD 937600051
MATRIX 300N 452-011 LQL-9 WHT WIDE ESD 937600055
MATRIX 300N 452-012 LQL-9 WHT WIDE ESYF 937600059
MATRIX 300N 452-014 LQL-9 WHT WD ESD+PLZ 937600102
MATRIX 300N 452-015 LQL-9 WHT WD STD+PLZ 937600104
MATRIX 300N 452-040 LQL-9 WHT WIDE POE 937600063
MATRIX 300N 453-010 LNS-9 WHT WIDE STD 937600085
MATRIX 300N 453-015 LNS-9 WHT WD STD+PLZ 937600106
MATRIX 300N 464-010 LNS-12 WHT NARR STD 937600089
MATRIX 300N 465-010 LNS-16 WHT NARR STD 937600081
MATRIX 300N 465-013 LNS-16 WHT NARR YF 937600097
MATRIX 300N 472-010 LQL-9 LT-DPM STD 937600052
MATRIX 300N 472-011 LQL-9 LT-DPM ESD 937600056
MATRIX 300N 472-012 LQL-9 LT-DPM ESYF 937600060
MATRIX 300N 472-040 LQL-9 LT-DPM POE 937600064
MATRIX 300N 472-041 LQL-9 LT-DPM POE ESD 937600066
MATRIX 300N 473-010 LNS-9 LT-DPM STD 937600092
MATRIX 300N 473-011 LNS-9 LT-DPM ESD 937600094
MATRIX 300N 473-012 LNS-9 LT-DPM ESYF 937600096
MATRIX 300N 481-010 LNS-6 MLT-DPM STD 937600071
MATRIX 300N 481-011 LNS-6 MLT-DPM ESD 937600073
MATRIX 300N 482-010 LQL-9 MLT-DPM STD 937600053
MATRIX 300N 482-011 LQL-9 MLT-DPM ESD 937600057
MATRIX 300N 482-012 LQL-9 MLT-DPM ESYF 937600061
MATRIX 300N 482-040 LQL-9 MLT-DPM POE 937600065
MATRIX 300N 482-041 LQL-9 MLT-DPM POE ES 937600067
MATRIX 300N 483-010 LNS-9 MLT-DPM STD 937600093
MATRIX 300N 483-011 LNS-9 MLT-DPM ESD 937600095
MATRIX 300N 483-013 LNS-9 MLT-DPM YF 937600098
MATRIX 300N 712-010 2MP LQL-9 R-WD STD 937600167
MATRIX 300N 712-015 2MP LQL-9 R-WD PLZ 937600171
MATRIX 300N 726-010 2MP LQL-16 R-MD STD 937600177
MATRIX 300N 752-010 2MP LQL-9 W-WD STD 937600172
MATRIX 300N 772-010 2MP LQL-9 R-WD DIF 937600173
MATRIX 300N 776-010 2MP LQL-16 R-WD DIF 937600183
MATRIX 300N 796-010 2MP LQL-16 W-MD STD 937600182
MATRIX 300N ATS-400 LNS-6 RED 937600099
MATRIX 300N ATS-500 LNS-16 RED 937600100

Description Part Number
Matrix300&N, EOC, OVERN, Comp, 3 Years ZSC1M300N31
Matrix300N, EOC, 5 Days, 1 Year Rnw ZSN5M300NR1
Matrix300N, EOC, 5 Days, 3 Years ZSN5M300N31
Matrix300N, EOC, 5 Days, Comp, 3 Years ZSC2M300N31
Matrix300N, EOC, 5 Days,Comp, 1 Year Rnw ZSC2M300NR1
Matrix300N, EOC,OVERN,Comp,1 Year Renew ZSC1M300NR1

Description Part Number
CAB-DS003-S M12-IP67 TO QL 0.3M 93ACC0105
CAB-DS01-S M12-IP67 TO CBX 1M 93A050058
CAB-DS03-S M12-IP67 TO CBX 3M 93A050059
CAB-DS05-S M12-IP67 TO CBX 5M 93A050060
CAB-ETH-M01 M12-IP67 ETHERNET CAB. (1M) 93A051346
CAB-ETH-M03 M12-IP67 ETHERNET CAB. (3M) 93A051347
CAB-ETH-M05 M12-IP67 ETHERNET CABLE (5M) 93A051348
CAB-GD03 M12 17P 3M isolated wires 95A900052
CAB-GD03 M12 F/L 3M 93A050076
CAB-GD05 M12 17P 5M isolated wires 95A900053
CAB-GD05 M12 F/L 5M 93A050077
CAB-GD10 M12 F/L 10M 93A050078

Description Part Number
BK-30-010 FIX. BRACKET M300 BODY 93ACC0201