SR21 Fork/Label Photoelectric Sensor

SR21 offer high resolution, high speed and very short response time in precise label positioning, applying and printing, even with very fast machinery and process.
Standard factory warranty is three years.

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Description Part Number
Photoelectric Sensor Photoelectric Fork Infrared LED emission Label sensor infra red pnp/npn - M8 953151070
Photoelectric Sensor Photoelectric Fork Red/Green LED emission Label sensor red/green pnp/npn - M8 953151080

Description Part Number
Cable M8 10m grigio 95A251480
Cable M8 4 poli diritto 2m PUR 95A251620
Cable M8 4-p 3m grigio 95A251420
Cable M8 4-p axial 10m CEI 2034-01 95A251100
Cable M8 4-p axial 5m 95A251430
Cable M8 4-p axial 5m CEI 2034-01 95A251730
Cable M8 4-p axial 5m PUR 95A251640
Cable M8 4-p radial 10m 95A251530
Cable M8 4-p radial 10m CEI 2034-01 95A251110
Cable M8 4-p radial 2m PUR 95A251630
Cable M8 4-p radial 3m 95A251450
Cable M8 4-p radial 5m 95A251460
Cable M8 4-p radial 5m CEI 2034-01 95A251720
Cable M8 4-p radial 5m PUR 95A251650