RFID RFID Products

Datalogic offers a wide range of UHF RFID devices in multiple form factors and various technologies. These devices have been developed to satisfy RFID requirements in many industries and applications
• Retail In-Store (Real-time inventory, RFID Check-out and Security)
• Warehouse Management (Inventory, Shipping/Receiving manually or automatic)
• Healthcare (Tracking and tracing of medicines and blood/specimens)

Please note that items in this catalog may not be available in all regions of the world. To verify availability of any particular item listed, please check with your local Datalogic ADC Representative or sales office.

Description Part Number
Charging cradle for 2128P RFID Reader (required) CC-SLED01

Description Part Number
Battery pack spare rechargeable for 2128P (extra battery pack) RBP-SLED01

Description Part Number
Active ePop-Loq® case for Memor 11/10 (required) AH-SLED01

Description Part Number
2128P SLED UHF RFID Reader for Memor 11/10 US DLR-SLED01-US
SLED, UHF RFID Reader 2128P - for Memor 11/10 DLR-SLED01-EU