QuickScan 2200 Series General Purpose 1D handheld imagers

The QuickScan 2200 Series is a 1D entry-level corded barcode reader with optimal scanning performance. Linear bar codes are still widespread in Retail POS checkout applications. Long bar codes are also commonly used in a variety of applications including utility bills, document processing and packaging. These long barcodes are a challenge for full area imagers to read due to their narrow field of view and shorter depth of field. The QuickScan QD2200 reliably reads any type of 1D barcode fro up close to a distance with ease and also captures long barcodes. The QuickScan QD2200 provides full control to the operator, from linear aiming to the most prompt visual and audible good-read feedback. It seamlessly reads through plexiglass barriers and can scan electronic coupons from smartphone screens, all at an incredibly affordable price.

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Description Part Number
QuickScan I QD2220, Kit, Linear Imager, USB-only, Black (Kit includes Scanner and USB Cable 90A052065) QD2220-BKK1
QuickScan I QD2220, Kit, Linear Imager, USB-only, Black (Kit includes Scanner, USB Cable 90A052065 and Stand STD-QW25-BK) QD2220-BKK1S
QuickScan I QD2220, Linear Imager, USB-only, Black QD2220-BK

Description Part Number
QD22XX EofC 2 Days Comp 1 Year Renewal ZSC2QD22R1
QD22XX EofC 2 Days Comp 5 Year ZSC2QD2251
QD22XX EofC 5 Days 1 Year Renewal ZSN5QD22R1
QD22XX EofC 5 Days 5 Year ZSN5QD2251
QD22XX EofC Ovrnght Rplcmnt Comp 1 Yr R ZSC1QD22R1
QD22XX EofC Ovrnght Rplcmnt Comp 5 Year ZSC1QD2251

Description Part Number
Cable, USB, Type A, Enhanced, Straight, Power Off Terminal, 2M (USB Certified) 90A052065
Cable, USB, Type A, PVCW, Straight, 2M, Black 90A052258
Cable, USB, Type A, TPUW, Coiled, Power off Terminal, 5M, Black 90A052289
Cable, USB, Type A,TPUW, Coiled, 2.4m, Black 90A052285
Cable, USB, Type C, PVCW, Coiled 2.4M, Black 90A052354
Cable, USB, Type C, PVCW, Straight, 2M, Black 90A052352
Cable, USB+PWR,TPUW, Straight, 2M, Black 90A052302

Description Part Number
Cart Clip, for use with QuickScan 2200 series corded scanner CC-Q022-BK
End Cap Q2000, Black (in package of 10 pcs.) EC-Q2000
Tiltable Platform, TS-2500, Black TS-Q025-BK

Image Description Part Number
Holder, Desk/Wall Mount, Q040, Black HLD-Q040-BK
Holder, Multi-Purpose, Black 11-0360
Stand, Autosense Flex, Black STD-AUTFLX-QD25-BK
Stand, Autosense, Black STD-AUTO-QD25-BK
Stand/Holder, Collapsible, Black STD-QW25-BK

Description Part Number
Power Cord, 2-Pin, EU 90ACC1885
Power Cord, 2-Pin, UK 90ACC1887
Power Cord, 2-Pin, US 90ACC1886
Power Supply, 5VDC, includes 2 pin power cord adapter, no power cord 90ACC0287