Matrix 320 5MP Stationary Industrial Scanners

Matrix 320 5MP image-based code reader has been designed to EMPOWER INTRALOGISTICS TRACEABILITY applications providing benefits for End Users and Machine Builders. Matrix 320 5MP brilliantly solves traceability applications in Intralogistics, Distribution, 3PL, Retail, logistics and in the Shop Floor and Factory Automation. Matrix 320 5MP offers a COMPLETE SOLUTION and TOP PERFORMANCE to achieve higher productivity at the best price/performance ratio. Matrix 320 5MP has excellent reading performance with a powerful smart configurable lighting system allowing 2 color options (blue, white) and 2 power options (Very and Ultra High Power) able to solve extremely challenging traceability applications.

Description Part Number
MATRIX 320 800-030 CM 5.0MP 1/2" 938100041
MATRIX 320 800-030 CM 5.0MP 1/2" X 938100072
MATRIX 320 800-030 CM 5.0MP 1/2" XP 938100102

Description Part Number
CAB-GD03 M12 F/L 3M 93A050076
CAB-GD05 M12 F/L 5M 93A050077
CAB-GD10 M12 F/L 10M 93A050078

Description Part Number
BK-32-010 PIVOT FIX BRACKET M320/P2/P3 93ACC0283
Cover Polarizer LT 36L M320/P2/P3 93ACC0274
Cover Polarizer LT 72L M320 93ACC0342
Cover STD LT 36L M320/P2/P3 93ACC0272
Cover STD LT 72L M320 93ACC0341
LED Tower with acoustic signal 93ACC0410
LNM 003-021 CM 8MM VF1.8 1/2" ED 93ACC0287
LNM 005 021 CM 12MM VF1.8 1/1.8" ED 93ACC0288
LNM 007-021 CM 16MM VF1.8 1/1.8" ED 93ACC0289
LNM 009-031 CM 25MM VF1.85 1/1.8" ED 93ACC0290
LNM 010-031 CM 35MM VF1.85 1/1.8" ED 93ACC0292
LTM 002-000 S36L 120D RED 625nm NL 93ACC0293
LTM 002-001 S36L 120D WHT white NL 93ACC0294
LTM 002-002 S36L 120D BLU 475nm NL 93ACC0295
LTM 002-003 S36L 90D IR 850nm NL 93ACC0296
LTM 002-004 S36L 130D UV 365nm NL 93ACC0309
LTM 002-150 S36L 15D RED 625nm 93ACC0353
LTM 002-151 S36L 15D WHT white 93ACC0354
LTM 002-152 S36L 15D BLU 475nm 93ACC0355
LTM 002-253 S36L 25D IR 850nm 93ACC0308
LTM 002-350 S36L 35D RED 625nm 93ACC0305
LTM 002-351 S36L 35D WHT white 93ACC0306
LTM 002-352 S36L 35D BLU 475nm 93ACC0307
LTM 002-353 S36L 35D IR 850NM 93ACC0304
LTM 002-450 S36L 45D RED 625nm 93ACC0301
LTM 002-451 S36L 45D WHT white 93ACC0302
LTM 002-452 S36L 45D BLU 475nm 93ACC0303
LTM 002-453 S36L 45D IR 850NM 93ACC0300
LTM 002-600 S36L 60D RED 625nm 93ACC0297
LTM 002-601 S36L 60D WHT white 93ACC0298
LTM 002-602 S36L 60D BLU 475nm 93ACC0299
LTM 034-151 S72L 15D WHT white 93ACC0340
LTM 034-152 S72L 15D BLU 475nm 93ACC0339
LTM 034-351 S72L 35D WHT white 93ACC0336
LTM 034-352 S72L 35D BLU 475nm 93ACC0335
LTM 034-601 S72L 60D WHT white 93ACC0332
LTM 034-602 S72L 60D BLU 475nm 93ACC0331
LTM 522-451 SA36L 45D WHT white 93ACC0329

Description Part Number

Description Part Number
Cover Lens and CM Base Long M320 93ACC0280
Cover Lens and CM Base Short M320 93ACC0279
LNM 011-042 CM 50MM VF2 2/3" AZ 93ACC0343

Description Part Number
Filter, P2x-Series, YAG Cut, 14 LEDs lighting 95A900018
Filter, P2x-Series, YAG Cut, 36 LEDs lighting 95A900022