P3x series P3x- series Smart Cameras

P3x- series Smart Cameras
The new P3x Series is a complete line of color and monochrome smart cameras with Micro Video and C-mount lens options.
The P3x Series enhances the Datasensing Machine Vision portfolio with the introduction of 5MP resolution models and performances that are twice as fast as the current P2x series.
All accessories used with the P2x models are interchangeable and fully compatible with the P3x series.

Please note that items in this catalog may not be available in all regions of the world. To verify availability of any particular item listed, please check with your local Datasensing Representative or sales office.

Description Part Number
P30C 000-000 CM 937710039
P30M 100-000 CM 937710038
P32C 600-000 CM 937710041
P32M 700-000 CM 937710040
P35C 900-000 CM 937710033
P35M 800-000 CM 937710032